About the Program

Quality Health Associates of North Dakota (QHA) is partnering with North Dakota Health and Human Services (ND HHS) and North Dakota’s primary care clinics to increase breast and cervical cancer screening rates with initial focus in primary care clinics or community health centers or areas of late-stage diagnosis.

QHA will assist participating clinics using the following strategies:

  • Facilitate completion of a comprehensive readiness assessment
  • Provide site visits and coaching calls to assess progress, identify barriers, and develop mitigation strategies
  • Guide the development of clinic-specific action plans for implementing at least two evidence-based interventions (EBIs) to address breast and cervical screening
  • Advise clinic staff in leveraging their electronic health records (EHRs) to collect and report breast and cervical screening program measures
  • Share resources, tools, and materials


  • Featured Resources
  • Do you have patients who have concerns with paying for screening or diagnostic services? 


Milestone Program Updates

$5,000 has been awarded to facilities in the ScreeND program from ND HHS for working in this program.

New Clinics

Learning Opportunities

MBC Impact Series: Brain Metastases
Join us on November 16 at 1 p.m. CT as we will from Dr. Jose Pablo Leone from Harvard University for an overview of Brain metastases and potential treatments.
Register here: Webinar Registration – Zoom
Dr. Jose Pablo Leone is a medical oncologist and clinical investigator; his research focuses on brain metastases, male breast cancer, and novel therapies in the treatment of breast cancer.

Partnering Clinics

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